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January 2018

  • Docati now supports a FREE license. It comes with limitations, but for small documents, it may just be a good fit.
  • Small fixes to table rendering in PDF-format

October 2017

  • Updated Docati.Api: small improvements to DocX-generation, fixed rare crash on applying license

August 2017

  • Docati 5.0 is finally out.
  • Most important new feature is the ImportTemplate-placeholder: imports other (sub)templates to allow for reuse of often used template-parts.
  • ImageOf supports respecting aspect-ratio of important images
  • It's now possible to password protect the generated document (both Docx and PDF) and the Word add-in has many usability improvements. Many other small improvements and bugfixes.
  • If you want to try it out, just request a trial license. If you currently own a Docati v3/v4 license, contact us for an upgrade offer. Licenses purchased in 2017 can be upgraded for free.

July 2017

  • Release candidate for Docati v5 is out!

March 2017

  • Alpha version for Docati 5.0 is out!

January 2017

  • Small fixes for ValueOf and If placeholders inside tables with colspans.

December 2016

  • Docati.Api updated: many small fixes to PDF-generation.
  • Docati Word add-in updated: support for web-based templates (eg: on a OneDrive-folder or SharePoint document library) and updated Docati.Api.

September 2016

  • Docati.Api is now available as a public NuGet-package to allow much easier updates.

August 2016

  • Huge update: the Docati Word add-in now works stand-alone and longer depends on an installed Docati Service. This will make it a lot easier to evaluate Docati or to get template designers up to speed quickly, with much less hussle.

April 2016

  • Fixed issue with ImageOf which, when contained inside a ForEach, would display the same images.

March 2016

  • Docati can now be used in-process by simply referencing the Docati.Api.dll.
  • Word add-in: support for copy-pasting of Docati-placeholders across open documents (until now this was only possible within the open template)

January 2016

  • Added support for CORS on the REST-endpoints (always enabled).
  • Added support for importing external images (outside the templates-folder). Requires web.config setting 'AllowExternalResources' to be added.
  • Word add-in: small fix for opening test results (could break if previous test result was locked/still opened)

December 2015

  • Added extended support for custom numeric and date formatting, with respect to the template-culture.
  • Fix for PDF-format regarding tables with fixed layout
  • EULA-prompt added to Word add-in (for legal reasons)
  • Fix for conditional rendering (If-placeholder) leaving empty line
  • AspNetCompatibilityMode-attribute set to allow for custom security-configuration in web.config (to authorize only specific Windows users/groups)

November 2015

  • Extended numeric formatting uptions: added Numeric1 and Numeric3.
  • Fixes for PDF-format regarding font-handling
  • Fixes for Word add-in: ribbon was sometimes disabled. taskpane sometimes displayed more than once

September 2015

  • The on-premise version is finally available! Contact us if you would like to check it out.
  • The shared cloud service is discontinued as of September 1st.

February 2015

  • The Docati Word Add-in (v2.6) now depends on the client profile version of the .NET 4 framework, instead of the full version. This reduces the startup time for the add-in, and therefore reduces startup time for Word itself as well. For most people this also removes the requirement to download and install the complete .NET 4 framework, since the client profile variant is often already installed.

January 2015

  • Performance improvements for the Docati Word Add-in (v2.5)
  • Platforms upgrades for our services (Azure SDK, OS-upgrade).
    Our apologies for the unexpected 20 min downtime you may have experienced on January 7th.

October 2014

  • Completely new REST endpoint: json-data can be added as-is (no more encoding required), generated document is streamed back, allowing for immediate download. See the SoapUI-sample project for an example request. In the future this will become the preferred endpoint. The SOAP-endpoint will remain supported as well, but the existing REST-endpoint will be terminated after Jan 1st 2015.
  • Many small fixes to the service for handling styling issues with the ValueOf-placeholder.
  • Fix for tax-handling (wasn't charged correctly when tax exempt did not apply)
  • Many small performance fixes.

June 2014

  • Data can now be formatted in Json. A new DataJson-element has been added to the request: either DataXML or DataJson must be provided (check the updated WSDL). The sample SoapUI-project has been updated to provide an example of the json-format: Download (use Save-As).
  • The output-format can now be selected from within the Word add-in as well (for PDF beta testers).

May 2014

  • During regular maintenance of the Management Portal on May 29th, you may have experienced slow responses in the Management Portal itself or when testing templates from within the Word add-in. The service itself was not impacted. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

March 2014

  • Support for regular (easy) queries added: XPath is no longer a requirement. This major update make it possible for business-people to maintain templates, but the average IT-guy will probably love this too! :-)
    Regular and advanced (xpath) queries can be combined, so it's fine to use regular queries most of the time, but use advanced queries for more complex situations.
  • Fix: when no image data is found inside the data XML, instead of a processing-error, an empty image is now inserted (while, 1x1 jpg). This is more convenient, since until now you needed to wrap ImageOf placeholders with If placeholders.

February 2014

  • Word add-in ( now uses longer timeout (90 seconds) to support testing with large data XML and/or larger templates/generated documents on slow internet connections. The processing time of the service itself has not been modifed: total processing (from first byte received until last byte sent) must still complete within 60 seconds.

January 2014

  • Processing-log now displays number of errors and warning below the grid, including the last error (if any)
  • Template processing errors that occur when testing a template using the Word Add-In no longer cause an exception-message, but are displayed in the processing-log.
  • Template and XML data size limits have changed: XML-data can now be up to 10MB, generated documents can be up to 16MB. Need even more? Contact us for options.

November 2013

  • Processing-log now displays the name of the Docati-placeholder, instead of the placeholder-text.
  • Docati-placeholders are now colored orange (Word 2013 and up) to make them more easily distinguished from regular content controls
  • Fixes for Direct-Edit: both the taskpane as the Docati-placeholders in the document are updated.
  • For Word 2010 or later, the Docati-ribbon will remain activated when opening a template (Word 2007 does not allow this).

October 2013

  • Processing-log added! When testing a template, the processing log displays exact details for every Docati-placeholder. This will be a great help when fixing template errors.

April 2013

  • Support added for PDF (beta). Contact us if you want to use it!