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Quickstart Manual


This Quick-Start manual consists of a set of exercises which will teach you how to create templates for Docati. The first exercise explains the very basics, while the latter ones explain more advanced features.

If you don’t plan to perform all exercises, we advice you to at least do a quick scan on them, so you’ll know what is possible.


  • First of all you need a Windows PC with Microsoft Word® (regular or Office 365 Click-to-Run) installed.
  • Then you need to install the Docati Word Add-In. If you haven’t already done so, you can download the installer here.

Once these prerequisites are taken care of, you can start with the exercises.

Good luck! And of course, if you get in trouble with the exercises, just drop us a question and we will help you out a.s.a.p!

Exercise 1: Creating your first template

This sample will show you how to create a template using the most relevant placeholder: ValueOf. You will also learn how to test the template by generating the resulting document.

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Exercise 2: Creating lists

In this exercise we will enhance the template created in exercise 1: we will use the ForEach-placeholder to produce the list of ordered products.

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Exercise 3: Adding images and working with a context-node

In the previous exercises we worked with just text. In this exercise we will add an image to the template. Also, when using the ForEach we learned about a ‘context-node’ which made the data queries a lot shorter. The UseContext-placeholder provides similar functionality for regular situations.

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Exercise 4: Advanced features

In the previous exercises you learnt how to use create templates for Docati. The template looks pretty good, but it’s not finished. In this exercise you’ll learn how to finalize it.

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